About Us

Turkish American Society of Minnesota (TASMN) is a 501(c)(3) charitable, cultural, educational non-profit organization established in Twin Cities in 2004. Our organization is dedicated to create diverse platforms to bring people together in an open dialogue and harmony for long lasting friendships.

We categorizes our programs under the following three main groups; Cultural Enrichment and Education, Interfaith Dialogue and Humanitarian Relief. Cultural Enrichment and Education programs provide unique cultural exchange and educational opportunities. Interfaith Dialogue collaborates with different religious and spiritual institutions and individuals to learn about each other and promote mutual respect. Humanitarian Relief works with various local food shelves, as well as national and international relief organizations to help the needy.


TASMN’s mission is to enrich the life of every Minnesotan by engaging them in cultural experience, education, interfaith dialogue, and humanitarian relief drawing from the Turkic cultural heritage.


TASMN’s vision is to be the leading organization that promotes cultural, religious and ethnic through mutual understanding and charity in MN.


Turkish American Society of Minnesota is committed to:

Community Service: We serve people from all backgrounds openheartedly for enrichment of our community and individuals.

Hospitality: We open our hearts and programs as a welcoming place for everyone to develop long lasting relationships.

Education: We all are both students and teachers. We create warm spaces, unique programs and vibrant platforms to participate, exchange ideas, collaborate with each other and reflect ourselves.

Dialogue: We regard each moment as an opportunity to share and learn about each other and become good citizens or our society.

Diversity: We celebrate our differences and embrace our richness. We value and strive for broadest representation of perspectives in our programs and projects.