Cultural Enrichment and Education

Cultural Enrichment and Education programs provide unique cultural exchange and educational opportunities.

Why Weekend School?


Weekend School was serving the community in education since 2004 with the support of TAS foundation. Our Weekend School fill this gap and meet the needs of the parents by offering culture and language classes.


The parents enjoy watching the students as they perform on the national and religious days. Being envolved in these kind of activities, helps our children to understand and learn our cultural values better.


We strongly believe that even those children are away from their homeland, they can speak their native language and grow up without loosing their identity.


They learn their own values they will be able to overcome all the social problems, express themselves in the society and be a role model by conducting their values to the next generation.

TASMN weekend school has been serving the community with the support of TASMN foundation and well educated volunteers since 2008. Weekend school`s main goal is to teach various topics pertinent to Turkish language culture and history to the enrolled students. The weekend school curriculum consists of “Turkish Language and Grammar”, “Turkish History and Culture” courses and additionally provides a “Religious Studies” course as optional.


  • Preschool- 4 to 6 ages
  • 2nd Group- 7 to 9 ages
  • 3rd Group- 10 to 12 ages


  • TBA



  • TBA


  • $200  for first child (Each sibling is $150)
  • Free subscription to Gonca magazine

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Please contact with Weekend School Coordinators for any questions:

Kenan & Aysegul Baltaci

Why Learn Turkish?

The idea of learning Turkish is strange for most American learners, but that rapidly changes to a sense of excitement as soon as the career opportunities and adventure of Turkey are discovered. Its central connections to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East make doing business in Turkey a necessity.

Since pre-historic times, Turkey has been the vital bridge between Europe and the Middle East. Its mighty Ottoman Empire consolidated much of Eastern Europe and the Middle East into one great civilization until the early 20th century. The flavor of Turkish culture is richly cosmopolitan, a sophisticated mix of ancient traditions in a contemporary Geist.

For Americans, Turkey’s liberal and intellectual climate bridging East and West, traditional and modern, is a comforting environment. Learning Turkish gives access to many new opportunities for business, scientific and technological research, and for scholarship and journalism. Currently, students in Turkey are learning English at a record rate, while few Americans learn Turkish: to offset that imbalance of skill and opportunity, there is a great need for Americans to meet the creative challenge of learning Turkish.

What are the learners saying;

“I really enjoyed learning Turkish from Tolga. He made the class very fun and easy to learn the Turkish language. I would highly recommend taking these classes as you will be learning a lot and picking up the language fairly fast.”Elly

“I would highly recommend taking these Turkish Classes. The classes are fast-paced and you will be learning a lot. The class is fun and enjoyable.”Amy


Intensive TURKISH Classes for Minnesotans
12 weeks (approx: 30 hours)
Meets once a week approx. 2 h. sessions
Sessions start at 10:00 am on SATURDAYS
Participation Fee: $300  (non-refundable)
The language book set fee: $30  (non-refundable)

If you already joined/finished the Level 1 session before, you may enroll this semester same level paying only half.

First meeting on February 11th, 2016 – The schedule is SOLID now.  You will have a confirmation email from us.  

Register at

The Annual Intercultural State Reception provides the opportunity for the many diverse, ethnic & civil communities to come together with the elected officials to cultivate friendship, celebrate diversity, strengthen civil dialogue, and deepen intercultural awareness.

Ebru Workshops at Turkish American Society Of Minnesota: Creating Art on Water

This class is a great chance for you to learn Ebru art, a fascinating traditional Turkish art form.

Ebru, often referred to as the “dance of color on water,” is a Water Marbling art that has been considered a spiritual art for centuries. This unique art form is produced by sprinkling color pigments into a trough of oily water, known as “size,” and utilizing special brushes to create various designs that are then transferred onto a sheet of paper or another surface.

Cooking class plays an important role in introducing Turkish culture and cuisine. Each week we will have a new instructor that specializes in a particular cuisine. At the end of our class, we will enjoy the wonderful dishes we have made.

Classes will usually run for several weeks. Check our Upcoming Events section for the next cooking class.

For more information, please get in touch through