Interfaith Dialogue

TASMN, guided by its mission, promotes interfaith dialogue through vibrant, colorful events. These events are typically co-organized with the Niagara Foundation’s Minnesota branch.

These events provide a friendly platform, bringing hundreds of Minnesotans together across a wide spectrum of faiths to the same table, often literally. Please come join us in one of these events around a delicious dinner table for a great, educational, and friendly conversation.

Niagara Foundation’s annual Abrahamic Traditions Dinner strengthens friendship and understanding among people of the three Abrahamic religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. A variety of individuals, such as religious leaders, government officials, university professors, and community members, come together to engage in dialogue and honor the importance of religious diversity and inter-religious cooperation

With all the misunderstanding in the world about what different faiths stand for, what would it be like to meet someone from a different tradition than yours and simply learn about their lives? Niagara Foundation is offering a unique opportunity for you to meet people from other religious traditions in a relaxed, intimate setting and just get to know each other as people. We’re calling it 3 Faiths @ The Table.

Here’s the idea. If you are interested in a new interfaith experience, you and a partner simply submit your names and religious tradition to 3 Faiths @ The Table. You will be teamed with two other pairs from different faith traditions. (The person you pair with can be spouse, friend or family member, but should be from the same tradition.) You would commit to four meetings, an orientation meeting, then three monthly meetings in your small group of three pairs. Each pair will take a turn hosting a get-together at your homes. 

The main idea is having a rich conversation, not a rich meal. The host family would provide coffee, tea, and a light snack. You would meet for an hour or two and just talk. You could talk about your faith tradition, but it could be more than that. You can learn about each other’s families, life experiences, work and study. We offer some conversation guidelines so everyone feels comfortable sharing their stories. We can offer some ice breaker questions, too, but there is no script. This simply is an opportunity to put a face to a faith tradition that might otherwise seem like a complete mystery. And it’s free.

We believe there would be a number of benefits to participants. You would not only gain understanding and perspective on different traditions, but sometimes you can gain insights into your own views and values by sharing them out loud.

If you are intrigued and would like to sign up or just want more information, contact at

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan represents a time of fasting, charity, prayer, and unity for the Muslim community. In an effort to share this tradition with Muslim and non-Muslim friends, Niagara’s annual dialogue iftar dinners bring individuals from different religious and cultural communities together to break fast and engage in friendly dialogue as a way to stimulate mutual understanding and respect for others and their respective religious traditions.